July 19th, 2006 - Filzip 3.06 - Security Release

You might have noticed that for some time now, there's Filzip 3.06 listed on the download page. Now it's time to tell something about it:
Secunia Research has discovered another security flaw in Filzip lately. It's possible for attackers to prepare archive files so that files on your hard disk can be overwritten, using '..' (parent folder) as folder names of files in the archive.
Loggged in as a user with administrative privileges (every Windows user account has these privileges by default), even important system files might be overwritten and/or infected with malicious software by the attacker.

Filzip 3.06 fixes this security flaw. So please update to the latest version:

June 12th, 2006 - Filzip's new licensing scheme

Don't worry. Filzip will stay free :), you decide!
I have been thinking about this for a while, and I decided I will try a new licensing scheme. I did not have the spare time to work on Filzip as much as I wanted to for the last years. I have received a lot of emails containing reqquests for new features that some of you want to have, and most of the time I could not even answer the emails, not to mention implementing these requests. Filzip fell behind its competitors and bugs did not get fixed. As I do have to make money to live off, I have to work alongside my studies of computer science, which leaves me with few spare time, and I do have a life beside my work.

So I will try this license experiment. The next major release of Filzip will be available under two licenses. There will be a free of charge version as it has been so far. Additionaly, there will be a second version of the license, that I charge you for, if decide so. Paying the fee will be completly optional, and there will be no nagging dialogs of anything, just a notice during install and perhaps a 'Purchase a paid license' menu item. Also, the features of the two versions will be exactly the same.
If this experiment works out, I might offer additional support if you purchased such a Filzip version.

I would really appreciate your comment on my plans concerning this idea. Please mail me your opinion on this:

May 31st, 2006 - Security release: Filzip 3.05

Filzip 3.05 fixes the security issue that Secunia Research has discovered in the library unacev2.dll (developed by e-merge), which comes with Filzip and is used to handle .ace archive files. The possible buffer overflow that might happen might be used to launch malicous software by an attacker. Go to the bugreport for more information.

In version 3.04 there was a problem concerning the integrated encryption function, which could occur sometimes, although the files in the archives should not have been affected. If you had problems with encrypted files, please read additional information here.
The new fixed implementation is, however, not compatible to the old one in Filzip up to 3.04. Files that were encrypted with the old Filzip versions can't be decrypted with the new Filzip 3.05 and vice versa.

May 25th, 2006 - Mail system and bugtracker back on line

I have been working on the new server setup (after the disk crash), and for a while the mail system has been up and running again, sorry for the late notice. Also, the bugtracker is back on line since a few days now.
You will have to wait some time for the forums to reappear, as I have to clean them from spam and find out how the spam came in there first.

I am currently working on a new webpage, which will be powered by the fabulous web framwork Ruby on rails.

March 30th, 2006 - Online again after harddisk crash

Last Friday the harddisk of the Filzip server crashed, and I've been struggeling with the new hardware since then. Today I managed to get Apache running, so now parts of the Homepage are up again.
You won't be able to reach me via mail yet, as it's still a loit of work to do to get it running again. Until then, you might reach me under: engelp -at- cip -dot- informatik -dot- lmu -dot- de

July 29th, 2005 - Filzip 3.04

Filzip 3.03 does not start correctly on a Windows XP without ServicePack 2, but displays a Access Violation error message (see bug #159) and stays unusable.

Filzip 3.04 solves this problem. If you did not encounter any problems so far, an update might not be necessary.

July 8th, 2005 - Filzip 3.03

There's a new Filzip: Version 3.03. As Filzip 3.1 seems to last a bit longer until it's available, I decided to publish a new Bugfix-Release that cures the most annoying problems.

Also I encourage you to report any problems you might encounter using Filzip either in the Forums or better directly in the Filzip Bugtracker.
Some of the issues that were fixed you will find there: Bug #144, #146, #152, #154, #155

July 7th, 2005 - Filzip in 25 languages

The latest additions to the list include Malaysian and traditional Chinese.
You can look at the list and download the language files on the Filzip translations page.

April 18th, 2005 - About the upcoming Filzip 3.1

To all who are wondering: I'm still working on Filzip. I will give some details about the upcoming release (3.1). The new features include:
  • bzip2 support
  • extended shell extensions (inlcuding a Drop Handler)
  • advanced and improved storing of configuration data (master settings for sys admins)
  • toolbar skinning support
  • customizable toolbar (button selection)
  • some new designed dialogs
I also do ask for your help. Beside my studies, I have to work to be able to afford my living and e.g. this site's operation costs. So if you support me, I can spend more time in developing Filzip and less in my distracting side jobs ;)
So, if you want to speed up the process, please donate. I finally managed to convince PayPal to reactivate my account, so it's even easier for you:

Support Filzip

September 8th, 2004 - Filzip 3.02

Filzip 3.01 had some issues, and the most annoying ones are fixed by the new version 3.02. Here's a list:
  • fixed roblem with incompatible zip files that could not be opened
    ("Error while reading End Of Central Directory")
  • Explorer does not crash anymore when right-clicking on a drive as normal user
  • no Error message when access to filzip.ini in application folder is denied
The language files have not changed, so you can (and have to) use the old ones for v3.01

Download the new Filzip 3.02 now.

August 17th, 2004 - New translations

I've rewritten the translations page and updated the languages, there are 18 languages so far, and Chinese (traditional) is coming soon.
There are several languages availible for Filzip 3.01.
Of course you can use the old language files for the new version, if your language has not yet been updated, onyl some texts won't be translated properly...

Visit the translation page and download your language file.

May 26th, 2004 - Server problems solved! (mostly)

Ok, this have been some very strange days lately. As you might have discovered on your own, the site was not reachable the last days.
There are several reasons. First, I did not pay my bills ;), and second, the transfer of to a new server.
filzip.(com|de) has a (brandnew) home. It's now located on my own (rented) machine, where I have full access. With the help of a friend (thanks a lot Kummutas), I have prepared it over the last weeks, and now that the domain points here, most of the stuff works already, including mail and www.

There are several small issues, I managed to bring the forum to life this morning, and the other stuff will follow. If you discover a problem, I will probably solve it in the next few days. If not, just send me a short notice mail.

I will work on the Filzip stuff afterwards, so please be patient for a little time when you're waiting for mail replies or translation updates.

Thanks you for your support, Philipp

May 9th, 2004 - Filzip 3.01

May 7th, 2004 - Help on French translation needed

February 9th, 2004 - Message board back online

I menaged to solve the problems concerning the message boards, and here they are again, up and working as they should:

Message board click through...

February 9th, 2004 - Offline: MyDoom & Co

Well, I've been receiving thousands of copies of the famous MyDoom virus every day, and last friday my ISP had to suspend my account.

The problem is solved now and everything should work again as usual. Please tell me if you have any problems.

December 2nd, 2003 - Status update & information

Well, a few weeks ago, I started studiing informatics. So I hope in future my applications will get even better du to this...
The problem is I've got a lot to do these days, and that means fewer time for Filzip development.
But I plan to do a maintenance release over christmas, as I will have two weeks of holidays then.

While waiting, you can check out the new translations on the referring page, there's over 10 languages availible now. Check it out.

You can find the files on the translation page.

August 18th, 2003 - More languages availible

I received some more translations. Here's a list of availible languages:
  • English (of course :)
  • Deutsch
  • Franšais
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Espa˝ol
You can find the files on the translation page.

August 11th, 2003 - First language file available

I uploaded the first language file (german) a few days ago, but had no time yet to mention it here. More languages will follow soon...
To get your own language file, just select the "Languages" tab in Filzip's preferences dialog and click the button "Get more" to get to this site. Of course you can also go there by clicking this link.

There are two problem concerning the language switching in Filzip 3.0. If you select another language, the archive list headers won't change and stay english as will the context menu extensions.

July 15th, 2003 - Filzip 3.0 is ready...

Filzip 3.0 is ready, so don't waste any time and go downloading the setup file here.

Of course, Filzip has become faster and also more beatiful. It now integrates fully into the new Luna design on Windows XP systems.
The most obvious difference to older versions is the new Explorer Mode, which is displayed by default when starting the first time. I think it's quite useful if you have accustomed your self to it.
Another nice new thing is the language engine, which allows you to switch languages without downloading a whole new filzip setup file, but a small text file that holds all translated text pieces. Soon there will be more languages availible than standard english.

Filzip Icon Filzip features
  • support for .ace, .arc. arj, .cab, .gz, .lha, .jar, .rar, .tar and of course .zip

  • shell integration

  • multi-disk support

  • sfx creator

  • multiExtract

  • password protection

  • built-in email

  • and many more...

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